You Should Know Differences Between the US and Europe
You Should Know Differences Between the US and Europe

You Should Know Differences Between the US and Europe

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There are certain European nations which have a lot of similarities with the United States, both economically and culturally. But the differences between nations are quite large. For example, we have our own laws, social organizations or even religions. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t differences between our cultures and those in other countries. So here’s why American society is so different from that in Europe.

There’s No Single State As Seen In Other Countries

Here are some important points of difference when it comes to how people live in America versus those in Europe. First off we have more freedom of speech and more open-mindedness than in Europe. That will be obvious to you but you might not realize that’s just a few things but it’s many. Second, Americans are much more liberal in nature, less conservative and way more diverse compared to Europeans. Also, Americans believe that anyone who can make money or succeed will do so at all costs whereas in Europe, many people would think the opposite. Third, in Europe women get married by 21 for men. They don’t because they feel guilty about having children out of wedlock, in fact most women marry early within their own families. Whereas this isn’t even a problem in the U.S.

Although we have far more freedoms than European countries, we do still deal with discrimination against minorities. We celebrate diversity by including more races, sex, sexual orientation, gender, nationality and religious beliefs. By comparison, Europe tends to have a very small number of minority groups. Fourth, we tend to go through seasons of winter after Christmas compared to Europe’s summer holidays and they are quite similar. With that said, European holidays just don’t last as long as ours. As well as being able to speak English fluently, Europeans also know how to ride motor bikes. Those days have been long forgotten on the east coast of the US (and there are no longer any). Although many countries in Western Europe now speak English fluently, I would say that the language is still inferior when speaking among native speakers. This is a bit difficult to get used to unless you are fluent in a ton of languages before the first year of college, let alone on your day-to-day living. Plus, Europeans prefer going shopping during the week so most people have to cross continents to go shopping. While this might seem like a big inconvenience, having people who’re willing to go across continents for a little shopping helps us save money. Fifth, unlike Europeans who prefer to eat breakfast in the morning as opposed to Europeans, Americans start meals at 7 a.m.; most Europeans start at seven-in, maybe noon. Another point of difference is that Americans mostly eat outside and don’t stick with a traditional breakfast like what we usually have in Europe. Even though they are somewhat lazy and they don’t have time to cook in the morning, Europeans are always up the next morning so they don’t miss breakfast, and then everyone goes outside to enjoy the weather and the fresh air.

While everything mentioned above is the case in the U.S. it could be argued that Europeans differ slightly if viewed a little bit. Obviously, Europeans don’t have to work as hard or have as few jobs. When comparing it to Americans, an average worker only needs 11 years to become qualified to receive Social Security. Furthermore, people in Europe work harder and have more jobs as well. Not only that, it would be beneficial to them in the future if they had all the advantages of U.S. labor. Finally one common factor between a person living in the US and Europe is religion in Europe. Both groups follow Christianity, Judaism, Islam or even Buddhism. While it isn’t very easy growing up with Christian beliefs, it is still beneficial to society for lots of reasons. Similarly, Muslims follow their religious teachings and have their own law enforcement. But what we haven’t seen in the U.S. is a single state with a single religion. It’s quite interesting to see such diversity, as it shows that while religions are not really relevant because people tend to stick with their belief, each nation has its own unique traditions and cultures. Even within Europe there is a great distinction in how people follow their beliefs. Some people like Greek mythology or Hinduism will keep their own separate temples while others, especially in Germany, like the idea of Hitler being the Messiah but Jesus isn’t. What makes Europe a whole other world can be found within each country.

In conclusion, Europe was founded on a foundation of slavery whereas the U.S. was formed with freedom of speech. Despite having to cross continents like Europe and America, Europe is more flexible, open minded society. Americans are the same way too, but only in the area they can control. Our history is vastly different from Europe’s, but just like each nation has its own unique norms, customs and laws, so should yours and mine. Happy travels!

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