While Pixel 6a will remain at a discounted price, Pixel 7a will cost $499

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It looks like the Pixel 7a will be a monstrous mid-ranger. With an improved display and camera as well as wireless charging, the phone claims to outperform the Pixel 6a in all areas. It will be difficult to convince them to upgrade to the larger Pixel 7 and 7 Pro because the unannounced phone looks so wonderful on paper. Then Google can surely justify a little price increase, right?

9to5Google’s Max Weinbach claims to have the Pixel 7a’s price locked down at $499. Given all the enhancements, it’s a $50 premium over the $449 Pixel 6a, but it makes sense. Additionally, according to the rumor, Google will keep selling the Pixel 6a “at a discounted price,” which would make an already excellent phone even more affordable.

We referred to the Pixel 7a as “mid-range,” but it arguably no longer really describes this device. It has the same flagship-class SoC, the Google Tensor G2, as the Pixel 7. A 90 Hz display, which puts the 7a on par with the Pixel 7, is a significant advance this year. The 7a is also receiving an upgrade to the same camera configuration as the Pixel 7: a primary 64 MP sensor and a wide-angle 13 MP sensor. Additionally, the phone has 5 W of wireless charging.

Why then would you upgrade to the $600 Pixel 7 if all of it costs $500? You will, however, receive a little larger screen than the Pixel 7a—6.3 inches as opposed to 6.1 inches. Additionally, you’ll receive 2GB more RAM, 8GB instead of the allegedly 6GB found in the Pixel 7a, and 20 W wireless charging as opposed to the Pixel 7a’s 5 W. There are various claims regarding the battery capacity of the Pixel 7a, but they are all somewhat larger than the 4355 mAh battery of the more costly Pixel 7.

Additionally, according to the article, a debut is anticipated for May 10 at Google I/O, making it maybe less than a month away.

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