The Best Place to Visit in Australia
The Best Place to Visit in Australia

The Best Place to Visit in Australia

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There is no doubt that Australian tourism has its challenges but if you are looking for an excellent place to visit in Australia, there are a number of great places worth visiting here. Most travellers start with the coast and then move on to other state parks and wildlife. However, some people only consider these as their first stop so they have no interest in seeing or even leaving the capital city. Therefore you must think about what the most exciting tourist destinations and the greatest tourist spots you can see in this part of the world. When planning your trip in Australia you need to know many things! Make sure you know where the best places in Australia are because the next one will be easier.

The Great Barrier reef National Park is considered to be the finest area and one of the biggest natural wonders in Western Australia. This park covers 10,000 square kilometres and it contains large coral reefs and some very active coral species such as corals, star fish, mollusks and sharks. It has also been dubbed “the motherland’s largest aquarium”. Also the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Great Ocean Road are extremely beautiful areas to visit if you love nature and marine life. You need to plan a long weekend trip to explore all these tourist attractions and enjoy all the amazing views of Sydney from Mount Smartenoon, Victoria Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Royal Exhibition Building, the Opera house and Sydney Harbor Bridge. Another wonderful location to visit in Australia is the Wharf Point Hotel and Casino located at Wharf Point. The Great Ocean Road is known to host events like New Years Eve celebrations, wedding ceremonies, sporting events, public holiday activities, concerts by famous artists and more. These are just three exceptional tourist sites in Australia that are always visited by tourists.

Australia is not just home to two cities which is Melbourne and Canberra. A lot of people around the globe spend their vacations in Australia but they don’t know much about the country. There are so many wonderful attractions. Here are few of them.

Victoria State: Victoria is the highest peak in the Southern part of Australia but when you talk about the top ten highest peaks of Victoria State. The list includes many breathtaking beaches, lakes, river valleys and many beautiful parks. This region has a very cool climate in summer and warm in winter so when the weather is sunny you can enjoy a beach with sand sculptures, dolphins and penguins.

Victoria State: Victoria is the Highest Peak in the Southern Part of Australia. This region has stunning beaches, hills, mountains, waterfalls like Lake Albert, Victoria Falls, Yarra River, St Kilda Lake for fishing and much more. Tourists can also visit Cradle Mountain Walk, the City Of Melbourne Walking Trail, Bellarine Gardens, Victorian Botanic Garden, Flemish Waters and Echauw Plains Park for eco-tourism. Those who love cultural tourism visit the Tate Modern Art Gallery for art and architecture in both Victoria and New South Wales.

Western Australia: Western Australia is one of the most popular states because of its landscapes and beautiful mountain scenery. Tourism lovers can see world’s longest range of deserts (the Siachen Ganges) and amazing scenery like Pilbara Plain. This region has everything from snow capped mountains to beaches. Some tour operators run big car rallies in Perth and travel across WA from Melbourne to Adelaide and back. During summers you can see birds flying between rock formations, eucalyptus trees and red sandstone cliffs on Kangaroo Island. These are just a few spectacular tourist areas in Western Australia that tourists can visit.

South Australia: On this coastline of southern Australia, tourists can find kangaroos, crocodiles, sea lions, rock lobster and blue whales. People from all over Australia come to SA every year to have a look at all this amazing landscape. South Australia is the hottest country in Australia during summers. Many tourists come in February or March and spend nights at the Beach Walk while enjoying a lovely night in the sunshine in front of a magnificent view of Flinders Ranges and Port Phillip Bay.

In conclusion, Australia is a huge place where people from all around the world want to go and visit some wonderful tourist places for themselves as well as to have a good time. So if your family loves travelling and visiting different parts of the world but you are worried about how to arrange to visit a particular site to spend the whole day, don’t worry about anything because you can take help of a travel agency here in Australia. The agencies work as guides to show you the best tourist spots. They have lots of free services and advice about visiting the mentioned tourist places. They are professional but easy to go along with. For example, they explain you the culture, history and local cuisine. You can visit museums, cinemas, theme parks, zoos and waterfalls in SA. If you are having any sort of problems regarding your travel, you can use any company that offers any kind of consultation and guide for tourists. These companies are ready to help you and give the right guidance and information that you may need. Therefore you can get the perfect travel experience in Australia with the aid of travel agents.

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