September 26, 2023

Better night vision performance on the Google Pixel 8 Pro may be achieved by using several cameras

Even though Google may not be ready to reveal the Pixel 8 Pro just yet, there are a growing number of leaks that claim to know more about what the device will have to offer. The Pixel 8’s sibling is also comparable in this regard.

However, the big boy Pixel 8 Pro is the focus of the most recent rumor, which this time claims that the phone will have new camera technology to improve Night Sight images even more.

The most recent Google Camera upgrade, according to the code sleuths at 9to5Google, makes mention of a new form of Night Sight technology that would enable even more detailed pictures. The code seen in the Google Camera app implies, according to the source, that the firm plans to repurpose its current Super Res Zoom feature to add information to photographs shot at night.

Super Res Zoom combines data from the Pixel 7 Pro’s primary and telephoto cameras. It’s anticipated that something similar is likely to happen with Night Sight.

“From what we can piece together, the code appears to refer to the “multi-camera super res zoom” functionality mentioned as “Hawk” and “FusionZoom.” Google is increasing the times when this particular Hawk version of Super Res Zoom may be employed, making it possible for Night Sight images, according to the report, which is exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro.

This time around, Google is reportedly planning to proceed in a similar manner, with both cameras taking a picture when Night Sight is turned on and then combining them to create an image that neither camera could have produced on its own.

Everything within sounds quite promising. However, Google won’t officially acknowledge the existence of these phones until the Google I/O event on May 10. Additionally, it’s said that the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will start selling in June.

While the Pixel phones will undoubtedly receive the most attention at Google I/O, we’re also interested in learning more about the Pixel Tablet.

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