Samsung may debut an AirTag competitor this year

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Samsung may debut an AirTag competitor this year. When purchasing for an object tracker, Samsung may not be your first choice. Tile, which began the trend, and Apple’s AirTag have user trust and appeal. Samsung plans to release another object tracker soon to compete.

SamMobile reports that Samsung is contemplating a Galaxy Smart Tag makeover, citing unnamed sources. Samsung’s second-generation object tracker may come in the third quarter of 2023, along with its foldable phones. Galaxy SmartTag updates and design changes are unknown at this time. Nevertheless, if Samsung can improve detection range, battery life, and speakers with a wider auditory alert scope, it will be fascinating.


Due to their pocketability and global tracking network supported by hundreds of millions of devices, Galaxy SmartTags are one of the best AirTag replacements. They are limited to SmartThings ecosystems and can only be used with a Samsung phone like the Galaxy S23. The tight connectivity with Samsung goods makes it easy to use third-party apps. Samsung’s object tracker uses the CR2032 coin cell, which lasts months and is easy to replace.

The Galaxy SmartTags’ compatibility with Samsung’s SmartThings protocol and phone functions makes them quite handy. The tracker’s button can be configured to operate lighting, and ultra-wideband tech lets users track their whereabouts within 15 meters using AR cues in the camera app. Tile’s trackers now have an antitheft mode that hides them from all scans except the owner’s smartphone. Its antitheft feature requires a government-issued ID card to activate. If Samsung wants to improve the second-generation Galaxy SmartTags, it needs features like these.

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