Microsoft adds ChatGPT as a managed service to Azure

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Microsoft’s main goal right now is to give Azure users access to large base models for artificial intelligence. Now, you can use the Azure OpenAI Service to get ChatGPT along with DALL-E 2 or Codex. This makes it possible for companies to use speech AI in their own apps.

Customers of Microsoft Azure can now get ChatGPT through the Azure OpenAI Service. This means they can use the technology in their own apps and services that run in the Azure cloud. The goal is clear: to attack competitors, especially Google. This was done once through the search engine Bing, which now works with ChatGPT, and now as a managed service in the Azure Cloud, so that companies can use the service for their own needs.

Everything is still in preview, but as a business, you can apply for early access.

In a statement, Microsoft said that more than 1,000 brands have signed up for the Azure OpenAI Service. The Azure OpenAI Service of ChatGPT costs $0.002 per 1,000 tokens, which is about 750 words. Billing for using ChatGPT will start on March 13. ChatGPT sees unprocessed text as a series of tokens. For example, the word “fantastic” would be broken up into the single tokens “fan,” “tas,” and “tic.” That’s the same price as the ChatGPT API, which was made for developers and came out in March [1][2].

We’re interested to see what happens with ChatGPT in the future, but Microsoft’s move makes a lot of sense and will help its cloud business grow again.

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