How to install ChatGPT on Wear OS, Pixel Watch, and Galaxy Watch

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How to install ChatGPT on Wear OS, Pixel Watch, and Galaxy Watch Get wise counsel from a helpful AI right on your wrist. The talk of the town right now is ChatGPT, and while Bing has so far used the technology driven by AI the best, Bing Chat isn’t yet available everywhere. ChatGPT could be the solution for you if you’re sick of Google Assistant or Alexa’s curt responses and want more from your wrist-mounted assistant.


You’ll need a Wear OS-powered smartwatch for this guide. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5, TicWatch, Google Pixel Watch(opens in new tab), and many other top Android watches(opens in new tab) are all powered by Google’s Wear OS. Both watches running Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3 can use WearGPT.


Remember that ChatGPT-4, which is now in use and has a knowledge base that expires in September 2021, is the platform on which this is running. In other words, feel free to pose intriguing ChatGPT queries regarding historical information, mathematical concepts, or any other truth that would have been true prior to September 2021. For questions like “what’s the weather like today?” or “what’s going on in my town this weekend?,” only Bing Chat at the moment employs ChatGPT.


Running ChatGPT queries from your Wear OS-enabled smartwatch is simple with the help of WearGPT, a free app available on the Google Play Store. How to set it up on your watch is as follows:

1) Open the WearGPT application in the Google Play Store (opens in new tab).

2) Choose your watch from the list under Install on more devices if you’re doing this from the web or your phone.

3) Just press install if you’re using the Play Store on your watch.

4) After it has been set up, tap WearGPT in the watch’s app drawer.


Although the WearGPT interface is a touch information-dense, it is still simple to use. It’s generally best to ask ChatGPT a question from your watch by speaking. Simply tap the microphone icon on the WearGPT app’s home screen to achieve that. You can ask the question on the regular Google or Samsung voice prompt screen that appears and then, when finished, touch the submit button.

You should tap the text box to the left of the microphone button if you’d prefer to fill in the question or change your prior inquiry. In order to ask ChatGPT a question, click Send after changing your query (or manually typing one) in the text editor.

Once you send the inquiry, ChatGPT will consider the response for a time before responding to you in the box with the most text. That one occupies the most of the app’s bottom half. If the answer is too long to fit at this point, you will need to use your finger to scroll through it. For some reason, a watch’s revolving bezel or crown cannot scroll. Hopefully, a subsequent update will address that.

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