How to create google adsense account
How to create google adsense account

How to create google adsense account

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When you are creating a new ad account with Google Ads, here are the things you need to know about how to create google adsense account:

1. Set up your Google Advertising ID and Google Ads billing information.

2, Register a business name that best suits your company or brand. You can write all-inclusive names like “The XYZ Marketing Company”

3, Configure an overall advertising budget in accordance with your preferred amount of revenue.

4, Choose a unique domain name for your web site. This is mandatory if you want to get paid with Google’s own money, otherwise choose any URL that you find suitable.

5, Install Gmail on Google AdSense account and set it up by following instructions below.

How To Setup Proper Email Address:

Go to google adsense account settings > google adsense email address. Enter appropriate details (your name and mailing address) to obtain emails from Google Ads account. Enter this to verify your account by selecting Verify Email

How To Use Website – “Add a Blogspot Site” :

Start by visiting and click on Add a blogspot site, enter site URL you want to follow. Then select blogspot or WordPress.

How To Upload Images & Videos In Google AdSense Account:

Visit the “adsense” tab, then choose an image or video by clicking on upload image. Your images will appear as preview on google adsense homepage. Click on edit and change your mind if you are using a different image or video. The best way to manage multiple photos is to use another AdSense account and add your website link on every picture file.

How To Integrate Video With Google AdSense Account:

To integrate videos into AdSense account, visit and login on the GoogleAdsense official page. Select Video from the list and then install SDK. Once done, go to the Adsense site, and register both google adsense account and YouTube account. Now go to upload your first video. It will be shown at the bottom of the page. If you don’t see “upload video”, check the console page and upload the video again.

How To Get Paid For Referral Program in Google Adsense Account:

To get paid for referring clients, follow all the steps listed below.

1. Visit and log in on AdSense account. Create an anonymous account and connect your referral link. Then start adding people who have qualified to receive payments from your AdSense referrals. Start building your network now! 2. Make sure the target audience has access to the same product or service you have offered them before starting to work with your AdSense account. 3. Follow the process given by google for getting registered in their affiliate program. 4. Add relevant links to your websites, blog posts or other content related to your chosen product or services. 5. Send your AdSense referral links to anyone who asks you for them (promote through comments/email). 6. Encourage more people to join your AdSense program by sharing the link. 7. After one week, review how many visitors you got. 8. Consider what the success rate was and reward yourself accordingly. 9. Keep your affiliates connected to your back-end through email newsletters. 10. Don’t forget to promote your affiliate partner from time to time. 11. Remember to keep track of your earnings. 12. Check out our guide on how to make money from Google Adsense.

Create Google AdSense Account

If you are curious to create your AdSense account, do not miss out reading this article to learn how to set up AdSense account. Also, if you are wondering which free version and premium plan one can opt for.

For setting up AdSense account, you must have a Gmail account. Once that is already created, you can log in to Google Analytics and create a Google AdSense account by entering these details:-

Username Name Phone No Email Password Please enter a valid Email id Password Password Enter code

Once you fill all those details correctly, you will see your account showing on the dashboard. Here is the screenshot of my account :

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