Advantages and Disadvantages of Emails
Advantages and Disadvantages of Emails

Advantages and Disadvantages of Emails

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As a student, you’re bound to come across emailing more than once in your life. However, have you ever asked yourself whether emails are really beneficial if not essential? Should we be using emails for academic purposes or is it actually bad for us to use them? To some extent, the answer may depend on where you stand between the advantages and disadvantages of emails. I believe that all of us have different opinions about the topic whether they’re positive or negative, but in this article, we’ll examine both sides so that you can make an informed decision. So what are these advantages and disadvantages of emails? Let’s get started!

Advantages Of Email Communication

1. E-mail communication is fast

When you consider the fact that e-mails are written in short paragraphs, there are fewer words which might confuse others who find them difficult to understand. You can add as many details as you want and include a variety of information. This way, you have every chance to talk about your subject without being criticized because of being too wordy. When writing an introductory paragraph, you can start with one question which would give the readers enough time to think over their points without rushing through the whole text.

2. It saves space

In addition to saving time, you also save the precious extra space because with shorter texts, you have less lines to write. You don’t need to worry about having to go down to draw a page or two from the paper because you already have everything you want to say there.

Disadvantages Of Using Inbox & Outline Tools (Email) [Pros Negative]

1. Not Appropriate For Academic Workspace

Although many people use e-mail as the best means of communication for everyday interactions, some argue that they can be dangerous when used for academic work. If you’re studying for specific exams like AP Statistics, Mathematics, English etc. then most of us don’t use our phones much while sending out assignments because they have become a necessity due to modern technologies.

2. No One Will Follow Your Message

People will just ignore your messages unless it’s urgent and needs immediate action. Although we usually respond quickly to other peoples’ mails, we tend to wait till it gets to its mark. Then we send back to the person who sent us the message and then reply. We usually send it at once while sitting on the sofa, but sometimes we feel embarrassed to open it immediately.

3. Nobody Wants Attention From Their Friend / Colleague

Many students receive letters from friends or classmates after exams and the first question most of us have is how we can reply to the letter. Since it’s not possible for us to reply to each individual’s message, we typically just focus on sending an appropriate one. Students can end up with lots of blank pages because they don’t pay attention to their emails until they’re finished with studies. Because they take long to write down a response to someone else’s mail, most of them are either lazy to do what’s expected of them in school and/or the workload isn’t properly distributed among them. They send the same stuff over and over again making it harder to concentrate. But why don’t they try to solve the problem by communicating face-to-face with their friend or classmate so they don’t waste time in responding to their friend’s letters. They could have better conversations with their friends even if they’re still at home. Having someone to chat with regularly doesn’t allow you to spend half your time worrying about your assignment.

4. People Forget About Personal Tasks

E-mail correspondence can often cause people to fail to attend to personal tasks like washing laundry or taking out the trash. Many people spend all day typing or answering their emails before going any further in their work. Some students think that this will increase their chances of getting good grades. However, the opposite is true because the majority of them will spend the rest of their time checking notifications instead of doing actual study activities. Also, instead of spending more time learning things like math formulas, they’ll use social media to check their score. Isn’t this not important in preparing for tests?

5. The More Important The Task Is, The Harder It Feels

If you think you are hard of working but you’ve been assigned a lot of difficult tasks for you to deal with then all your efforts will be wasted. Every task comes with challenges. After completing a new task, you’ll only know that you’re no longer capable of finishing anything. Moreover, you won’t keep checking e-mails because even though they are helpful, they never show your entire grade. Just focusing on the task will make it easier for you to cope with everything else in your coursework. Therefore, it would be easier for you to finish a project later.

6. Sometimes, Failing to Keep Up With Pending Schedule

If you want to learn something quickly and efficiently, then your schedule will automatically get messed up because sometimes you won’t remember to complete it at the right time. Often, you’d forget to finish something even when you can’t remember anything else. You shouldn’t try to finish something because of no reason why. Don’t expect the situation to change instantly. There are times when you try to finish something because of boredom. That’s never a good idea because if you don’t finish it because of boredom, then you won’t be able to see improvement in your performance or ability. Instead of wasting your time, switch off gadgets like your cell phone to improve your productivity. Try not to procrastinate on a new assignment because it gives more pressure for you to focus.

Final Thoughts On Why Use Exams By Reading Books Or Getting Help Online?

When it comes to online courses, there are some benefits and drawbacks which should be considered before you enroll yourself in it. You must consider that these courses aren’t intended for those who hate math, but rather to help them prepare for college entrance exams. Most schools would prefer to hire experienced instructors since your knowledge will be tested. Even though you will have to dedicate yourself to your studies, you won’t feel pressured to revise each topic. Also, the teacher’s goal is to ensure that you will get good results so they’re unlikely to punish you for failing on your exams. A professor can easily decide to expel you because of missing their expectations. While online courses have their flaws, especially when you start from scratch, I strongly recommend you enroll yourself in online training courses and follow instructions according to particular topics you are weak in. Allowing self-study will also encourage you to focus more on each lesson and learn each concept through practice. You must note that self-study is the only real alternative for those who don’t enjoy reading books or doing homework, so you get proper exposure to theoretical concepts.

These essays are written for educational purposes only and should not serve as professional advice on solving problems or seeking professional assistance. These strategies are highly recommended for you to enhance your skills. Thank you for visiting my website. In the last few days, many students and teachers have asked me about my methodology in teaching. These methods will make everything easier and faster for you to learn. Please support me by buying my book, “How to Learn Any Language Profitably”.

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